Nature For Justice


News Alert #2!

January 13: $500,000 total for African American farmers.  N4J has succeeded in raising $250,000 from two anonymous donors to match the $250,000 William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust award to support our project helping Black farmers adapt to climate change. And we did this all within a week!

News Alert!

January 8: An anonymous donor has contributed $100,000 toward the required match on the $250,000 award.

Other News

We’ve raised a total of nearly $20,000. Please help us reach our target of $25,000.

Our Approach

 Build the capacity of a network of in-country partners with a successful history of cost-effectively helping people and conserving landscapes by aggregating small holder farmers and accelerating the process for community action

 Access carbon and other ecosystem service markets to support community well-being in alliances with corporations and other outside parties

 Promote smart experimentation and rapid evaluation of outcomes to build upon lessons learned, technologies, and resources to complement our partners’ current capabilities

 Act as an effective matchmaker between companies, our partners, and community organizations, such as indigenous peoples, farmer cooperatives, women’s groups, credit unions, and religious assemblies who are natural aggregators