Nature For Justice

We mobilize nature-based solutions for climate justice

Nature For Justice mobilizes resources that communities need to restore their natural ecosystems, build climate resilience, and promote sustainable livelihoods.

What we do

Nature For Justice works with trusted local partners and investors to identify and co-create projects that use nature-based solutions to achieve social justice.

While we utilize carbon markets, they are not our sole method for securing lasting financial support. We aim to fund community-led conservation and nature-based solutions that enhance both human lives and their environments.

Carbon project origination

We collaborate with local partners to identify high-integrity carbon projects that can drive investment for communities impacted by climate change.

Carbon project co-creation

We optimize results and de-risk implementation by leveraging the knowledge of trusted local partners and engaging all partners in a collaborative co-creation process.

Climate justice assurance

We provide assurance that local communities receive an equitable share of the proceeds from carbon credits and that our projects contribute to the goals and well-being of our community partners.

Climate resilience

We strengthen the capacity of local partners to scale and sustain thriving ecosystems by providing targeted training, technical assistance and financial support.

What we believe

The planet and people can't wait

From floods and droughts to heat waves and wildfires, rising seas, and species extinctions – climate change has left no region on Earth untouched.

The climate crisis is disrupting livelihoods, supply chains, food security, and the health and welfare of over a billion people, particularly those living in frontline communities.

The power of nature

Healthy forests, agricultural lands, and open fields possess a remarkable capacity to sequester substantial quantities of greenhouse gases. Scientific experts estimate that nature-based solutions can meet up to 37 percent of the Paris Agreement goal of keeping the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees C.

What makes us different

Nature For Justice was founded to address three urgent needs:

To help frontline communities adapt to climate change by accessing the resources they need to achieve resilience.

To assist trusted local partner organizations in building their technical and managerial capacity to benefit the communities they serve and the long-term projects they support.

To sequester massive amounts of carbon to contribute to achieving the Paris climate goal.

How Nature For Justice is addressing these needs:


We provide the communities hardest hit by climate change with the means and know-how to build and sustain their resiliency.


We create value for investors.


At scale, our projects will sequester millions of tons of carbon, protect biodiversity, and improve livelihoods.

Spotlight on programs

Nature For Justice improves conservation and land management practices, restores landscapes, and protects natural habitats while building local economies.  We’re actively working in 12 countries in the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Africa NbS carbon program

N4J is implementing an Africa-wide program to identify, co-create, and support a network of high-quality, community-based carbon projects by 2024.

Indigenous-led conservation in Canada

We identify and foster Indigenous-led carbon projects and nature-based solutions to support the prosperity of Canada's First Nation, Inuit, and Métis communities and advance global climate goals.

Global carbon project origination activities

In India, Papua New Guinea, and throughout Latin America, N4J is identifying partners with existing trust networks and seeking funds to launch NbS projects.

Trusted by investors. Trusted by communities.

Our team has decades of experience spanning 70+ countries, with diverse backgrounds in finance, environmental science, conservation, natural resource management, economic development, social inclusion, communications, and technology. We excel at leading complex, cross-sector teams.

At Nature For Justice, we maintain enduring collaborations with global partners and local project implementers on whom the long-term success of all projects will depend.