Nature For Justice

We put nature-based solutions to work for climate justice

Our Story

Globally, Nature For Justice (N4J) uses nature to benefit frontline communities confronting the climate crisis. We co-create projects that put communities first and act as powerful vehicles for community resilience and climate change. We scale community-determined nature-based solutions through the aggregation of those communities.

In the US, we support farmers of color in leading the transition to regenerative agriculture. We support Indigenous communities in Canada to identify long-term financing channels for Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas. Across Africa, we partner to help smallholder farmers and local landowners equitably access funds from carbon credits. We are also exploring opportunities in Latin America and Asia.

What We Do

Advance Climate Resilience

Mobilize Blended Finance

Originate and Co-create Nature-based Programs

What Makes Us Different

Climate Justice First
Under the right conditions, we believe NbS and, as warranted, carbon markets can be critical tools to advance climate justice.

Climate Justice Additionality
Across every N4J project, we look to create climate justice additionality. That means we focus on fairness, transparency, and ensuring participating communities receive a significant share of a project’s financial and non-monetary benefits.

Overcoming Key Barriers to Entry
Our approach is centered on alleviating the barriers to entry that prevent communities from engaging in and benefiting from emerging markets for NbS and carbon.

Mid 2024 Update

Today, midway through 2024, we continue connecting the dots between Finance, Technical Partners, and Communities. We act as a bridge and honest broker between community partners and outside investors, companies, or foundations willing to invest capital for measurable outcomes and impacts. Across every project, we ensure fair benefit-sharing agreements so that community partners secure a fair share of the project’s financial returns.


2023 Recap

In 2020, we launched Nature For Justice (N4J) to advance social justice for frontline communities confronting climate change. This vision became a reality in 2023 as N4J established strong programs in the USA, Canada, and across several African countries. This great leap forward was powered by a growing and diverse roster of staff, advisors, board members, key partnerships and expanded investments.

Spotlight on Programs

We mobilize blended finance for community-determined NbS projects. By unlocking new avenues for long-term finance and support, these projects can be powerful vehicles for community resilience and climate justice. We’re actively working in 7 countries in North America and Africa.

Africa Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) Program

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U.S. Farmer Inclusion Program

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Indigenous-led Conservation in Canada

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Trusted by Investors. Trusted by Communities.

Our team has decades of experience spanning 70+ countries, with diverse backgrounds in finance, conservation, natural resources management, economic development, and social justice and inclusion. We excel at leading complex, cross-sector teams.

At N4J, we foster co-creation and collaboration with diverse global partners and local project implementers. We see partnership as the key to long-term success and scale.