The Challenges Facing Smallholder Farmers and Nature-Based Solutions

Challenges faced by smallholder farmers trying to adopt regenerative practices

Challenges faced by smallholder farmers trying to adopt regenerative practices. One of the biggest challenges for smallholder farmers, in general – and also regarding adopting regenerative practices – is the cost of farm inputs and the labor required to apply them. As a result, many smallholders tend to under-apply inputs and rely on family versus […]

Taking Partnerships to the Next Level,
the N4J Way


The Four-Legged Stool Theory is in essence the institutional capacity approach for program scaling: creating enduring impact versus implementing a ‘project’. There is frequent reference to the Three-Legged Stool of sustainable development, or the “Triple Bottom Line” of economic, social and environmental impacts. However this leaves out the fourth key element – organizational capacity – […]

Carbon Offset Investments? De-Risk Them.

Carbon Offset

Commitments to carbon neutrality are leading many companies to invest in carbon offset projects.  How do you manage the risk associated with these long-term, high ticket, high profile, no-kidding-our-kids-are-counting-on-us investments? Here’s how: pick a capable local partner, assess their managerial and technical capabilities, and invest to make them better.  It’s a win all around: projects […]

Destroying Nature Undermines Equity and Justice

My Nature For Justice colleague, Kevin Bryan, posted a blog and video last week on equity and justice and it reminded me of my ‘aha’ movement which set a direction for my career: destroying nature undermines any efforts for equity and justice. The first time the severity of unsustainable farming practices and the importance of […]