The Brown Family Farm: Building Resilience & Legacy
(Part 1 of 2)

Building Farm Resilience

In June, the US Farmer Inclusion Team welcomed Patrick Brown as our new Director of Farmer Inclusion. As a fourth-generation farmer, farm manager of his family’s farm, and active advocate for sustainable and profitable farming among Black farmers, Patrick is a jack of all trades and excited to continue his work through Nature For Justice. […]

US Farmer Inclusion Meeting Updates and Take-Aways

Farmer Inclusion - BIPOC

This past April, Nature For Justice (N4J) met with 10 organizations and eight farm owners to discuss our U.S. Farmer Inclusion Program and receive input on improving our strategy. N4J aims to be additive in the agriculture justice space and strengthen climate resilience among Black, Indigenous, and other farmers of color (BIPOC). During our discussion, […]

Spotlighting 5 Black Farmers’ Markets in North Carolina

Black Farmers' Markets

“When I’m touching the soil, it just gives me freedom,” Samantha Foxx, owner of Mother’s Finest Family Urban Farms in North Carolina. How We Got Here: Black Farmers in North Carolina Black and Indigenous communities have a long history of implementing regenerative agricultural practices. These communities, however, face some of the highest barriers to keeping […]

Interview with Jasmine Gibson, Our Regional Hub Outreach Coordinator

Jasmine Gibson

Jasmine Gibson Working closely with Clarenda Stanley on our BIPOC Farmers Project and Farmer Inclusion is our new Regional Hub Outreach Coordinator Jasmin Gibson who took some time out of her day to let us get to know her better. Lisa Cloete (LC): Can you tell us a short story about your background and what […]