Interview with Flynn Bucy, Ph.D: Nature For Justice’s Advisory Network Leader

Flynn Bucy, Ph.D. is a well-known senior specialist in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Futures Studies. He has been a senior executive in both large and small businesses, the Director for the high-profile Center for Entrepreneurship at Baylor University, and worked extensively with World Vision and other major non-profits. He has […]

Carbon Offsetting 101

Currently, next to “Nature Based Solutions” (NBS), “carbon offsetting” is one of the big buzzwords in the environmental community – and there are as many questions around this concept as there is hype. Being that Nature For Justice seeks to address social justice through working with nature, we are very much involved in both NBS […]

Interview with Kristine Zeigler: Climate Leadership — Gender Balance Matters

To cap our month of featuring women leaders, we interviewed Kristine Zeigler, CEO of the new organization Planet Women. This is the second article featuring Kristine, previously we published, “It’s Time To Put Women in Charge Of Saving The Planet.” Lisa Cloete (LC): Kristine, thank you for joining us.  Your mission is to ‘combine the […]

Interview with Zakiya H. Leggett, Ph.D: Nature Based Solutions – Centered on Soil Science

Dr. Zakiya Leggett is an assistant professor at North Carolina State University in the College of Natural Resources. She currently teaches Introduction to Environmental Science and Forest Soils. She conducts research related to forestry, soil ecology and eco-literacy. Her research has focused primarily on enhancing the productivity and sustainability of loblolly pine, one of the […]

Interview with Missy Rosen: Nurturing Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity

Melissa (Missy) Rosen Bio: Chief People Advisor for Nature For Justice. Results driven HR professional in leading tactical and strategic consulting to create organizational development strategies to support key business objectives.  Background includes leadership and development of globally positioned teams.Lisa Cloete (LC): What role does the Chief People Advisor have at Nature For Justice (N4J)?Missy Rosen […]

Women and Climate On the Horn Of Africa

Barlin Hassan Ali Interviewed by Lisa Cloete I understand you have a long working relationship with Hank, can you tell me a short story about that? Hank came to Somalia when desertification was made worse by tens of thousands of refugees pouring in from Ethiopia. As the director of a national woodstoves program, he faced […]

Kevin Bryan interview: Update on N4J in the USA

Trust Networks as Opportunities to Learn and Grow. Kevin Bryan Bio: Co-Founder and Managing Director – Equity and Partnerships for Nature For Justice. Kevin has 20 years of experience building coalitions, developing organizational strategy, and fostering collaboration between organizations to support the growth of promising organizations and opportunities for people of color. He currently advises […]

Interview with April Jones: Women Led Engagement with BIPOC Farmers

April Jones

Farming for the Future: April Jones Faced with a changing climate, the need has never been greater to adopt farming practices that care for the planet and provide resilience to those who farm. Sustainable agriculture combines three necessary aspects for thriving communities:  environmental health, economic profitability, and social equity which if done properly lays the […]

Crowdfunding: Setting Expectations

Crowdfunding has come a long way since 2014, when the novelty of the idea alone helped a man in Columbus raise $55,492 to make a potato salad. In 2019, the global crowdfunding market was valued at $13.9 billion and that number is expected to triple by 20261. Such figures have understandably attracted the attention of […]

A Lay (Wo)Man’s take on Nature-Based Solutions

As the Creative Advisor to Nature For Justice and not as an experienced environmentalist means that I am well positioned to see where new concepts that are being talked about may need a little unpacking for the rest of us. In order to understand the concepts that Nature For Justice is working with I had […]