Origination: The Importance of Designing Beyond Carbon

Photo courtesy of Nature Conservation Research Center

Bring the Focus Back to the People When creating a Nature-based Solution project, carbon should not be the first priority, but the last. That means a project must provide benefits for the communities involved, first and foremost, to enhance financial stability, improve quality of life, and promote dignity. Without those, forget about permanence. By restoring, […]

Carbon Investors: A Development Paradigm Optimizes Success

In the realm of Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) carbon projects, I’m still relatively green, having only started my journey in 2016. While I’ve successfully led and grown teams in implementing high-quality and globally-recognized carbon projects, particularly in Africa, this experience pales in comparison to my decades-long engagement across various sectors including renewable energy, human rights, democracy […]

What’s Needed for More “Shovel-Ready” Carbon Projects

Despite the recent press slamming certain types of carbon credit projects, demand for high quality Nature-based Solution (NbS) voluntary carbon credits continues to grow. Independent groups like the Integrity Council for Voluntary Carbon Markets (ICVCM) are defining integrity through their Core Carbon Principles (CCPs) and we strongly endorse them. As Nature For Justice (N4J) develops […]

N4J in Africa: Growing from the Bottom Up

Over the past two years our Africa portfolio and pipeline of nature-based solutions (NbS) to climate change have grown significantly and our network of partners continues to expand. More importantly, all these initiatives are being developed through a co-creation process with our partners and local communities. Project Scale 3 priority projects: in the advanced stages […]

Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Food Systems: 7 Important Examples

At Nature For Justice (N4J), we’re working with global and local partners to lay the foundation for climate justice. Regenerative agriculture and resilient food systems refer to holistic approaches to agriculture that prioritize ecosystem health, biodiversity, and soil regeneration. They aim to build resilience and sustainability into food production by promoting regenerative practices, reducing resource […]

Celebrating Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023, Biodiversity is Today's Capital

Preserving Our Planet: Blue Carbon, Biodiversity, and Biodiversity Credits   The Role of Blue Carbon Blue carbon refers to the carbon captured and stored by the world’s oceans, coastal ecosystems, and wetlands. These ecosystems absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their soil, roots, leaves, and branches. Blue carbon’s presence in marine […]