Consultant: Regional Carbon Technical Lead-Africa


Nature For Justice (N4J) is an NGO established to utilize nature to address the social justice needs of vulnerable populations confronting the climate crisis around the world. N4J works with a wide range of partners to support REDD+, and other projects and initiatives that help combat climate change by reducing deforestation and conserving critical ecosystem services. These carbon projects and initiatives go beyond protecting nature, by integrating sustainable production and focusing on improving human well-being.

N4J is seeking a Consultant as Africa Regional Carbon Technical Lead to assist in developing a pipeline of investable avoided deforestation, restoration, sustainable agriculture, soil carbon, blue carbon and potentially other carbon projects and initiatives – at both site and jurisdictional levels.

The Consultant will be responsible for conducting feasibility assessments of a range of carbon projects and initiatives, conducting field visits for identified opportunities, and then moving these to full-scale development including elaboration of Project Description Documents (PDD) as well as leading the validation and verification processes for those being certified to voluntary market standards, such as Verra and CCB.

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct field and desk-based feasibility studies to identify and prioritize new carbon opportunities. The feasibility studies will include working with N4J partner organizations and resource persons to:
    • Assess the agents and drivers of deforestation and potential risks and challenges
    • Conduct potential emissions reduction and removal analysis;
    • Estimate project and program intervention costs
    • Identify implementation partners and key stakeholders
    • Evaluate the policy environment, etc.
  • In conjunction with relevant project staff and partners:
    • Conduct the full technical development of viable carbon opportunities. This includes but is not limited to developing carbon emissions baseline and project scenarios, leading the design of field-based forest carbon stock assessments and subsequent data analysis, developing appropriate MRV protocols, contributing to the identification and design of field implementation activities, writing project certification documents – including PDDs, project climate, community, and biodiversity monitoring plans and Monitoring and Implementation (MIR) reports
    • Designing and managing work plans and budgets for technical activities related to carbon project development, and
    • leading projects through audit and validation/verification processes
  • Support N4J’s Executive Vice President Global Partnerships in developing and maintaining N4J’s relationships with partners and supporting the partner’s capacity building as needed
  • Prepare carbon-related funding proposals and any other documentation required to support the development and alignment of these initiatives to access finance
  • Work together with N4J Leadership, to design deal structures and lead certification processes that include biodiversity, water, and community co-benefits (where applicable) in the savannah, grassland and coastal habitats

Education, Experience, Skills, and Abilities

  • Masters degree in Environmental Science or Management, Climate Science or related fields
  • At least 5 years’ work experience with carbon project, (REDD+, ARR, IFM, Blue Carbon, etc.) development and implementation
  • At least 5 years’ work experience with the application and use of carbon accounting approaches and methodologies in Africa
  • Demonstrated experience with getting Carbon projects through the full validation and verification process (e.g. Verra and CCBS), including the development of PDDs, MIRs and Validation and Verification Body audits
  • Demonstrated knowledge on forest and biodiversity conservation, carbon accounting, national and international carbon policy frameworks, including Forest Emissions Reference Levels and livelihood development approaches
  • Experience with training field teams on developing and implementing forest, carbon and biodiversity monitoring plans
  • Experience working across different African countries
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English language skills. Additional knowledge of French or Portuguese will be a clear advantage
  • Proven team player able to work effectively across cultures and within and across organizations.

Work Location

Consultant can be based in any African country, although preference would be for someone based in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, or Zambia.

For more information about this job, or to submit your CV and cover letter, please send an email to