N4J in Africa: Growing from the Bottom Up

Over the past two years our Africa portfolio and pipeline of nature-based solutions (NbS) to climate change have grown significantly and our network of partners continues to expand. More importantly, all these initiatives are being developed through a co-creation process with our partners and local communities. Project Scale 3 priority projects: in the advanced stages […]

Nature For Justice’s Farmer Inclusion Program: Ten Technical Impacts

“Patrick and N4J’s Program are helping us do things we haven’t done before in terms of improving the quality of the land, the quality of our crops and help with the cost of our labor. We don’t have to pay out of our pocket as much this year for inputs. These regenerative practices are absolutely […]

The Challenges Facing Smallholder Farmers and Nature-Based Solutions

Challenges faced by smallholder farmers trying to adopt regenerative practices

Challenges faced by smallholder farmers trying to adopt regenerative practices. One of the biggest challenges for smallholder farmers, in general – and also regarding adopting regenerative practices – is the cost of farm inputs and the labor required to apply them. As a result, many smallholders tend to under-apply inputs and rely on family versus […]

Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Food Systems: 7 Important Examples

At Nature For Justice (N4J), we’re working with global and local partners to lay the foundation for climate justice. Regenerative agriculture and resilient food systems refer to holistic approaches to agriculture that prioritize ecosystem health, biodiversity, and soil regeneration. They aim to build resilience and sustainability into food production by promoting regenerative practices, reducing resource […]