Cloud Forest Organics — Restorative Approach to Agribusiness: Part II

This project is about white spectacled bears. And pure high Amazon water. And about Porotón: a protein rich leguminous tree that is native to Andes cloud forests and thrives in agroforestry systems. What if, together with cattle ranchers and farmers, we could create an income-generating regenerative agroforestry system that actively restores disappearing cloud forests, rebuilds […]

Radically Changing Business in Vulnerable Andean Cloud Forests: Part I

“We strongly believe that the protection of forests, the lives of local families, and their connection to the outside world are not separate but are deeply intertwined,”  Wain Collen, Executive Director, Los Aliados Andean cloud forests are the most diverse and fragile cloud forests on earth. Many consider this ecosystem the world’s greatest conservation priority […]