Interview with Ganesan ‘Bala’ Balachander, a Nature For Justice Senior Advisor

Ganesan ‘Bala’ Balachande

Old Wine in New Bottles. Nature-based Solutions in the Indian Farming Landscape. Ganesan ‘Bala’ Balachande started his career in physics but his real interest was always in wildlife conservation. He has over three decades of experience at the global, regional, and national levels in corporate banking, international development, applied ecological research, and social enterprises. He […]

Climate Change, India, and the Price of Onions.

climate change

In India, onions are everything.” “In India, onions are everything,” my roommate Apurva told me as we waited outside our local vegetable stand. That summer, unseasonably heavy monsoon rains devastated onion crops across central India, causing shortages, soaring prices, and a major disruption to daily life. As I watched many of my neighbors check the […]