Africa Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) Program

Across Africa, our team works to identify, co-create, and support high-integrity NbS projects that:

  • Safeguard rural livelihoods and unlock new, sustainable revenue streams through climate resilient agriculture and associated value chains.
  • Create thousands of green jobs in nature-based activities and enterprises.
  • Restore natural capital across target landscapes, to improve water and food security, reduce flood and landslide risks, and conserve biodiversity.

What We Do

N4J is proactively supporting the development and implementation of a range of NbS projects in the African region, including:

  • Smallholder regenerative agroforestry in Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia
  • Restoration and protection of degraded forests, woodlands, thickets, and peatlands in South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia
  • Sustainable rangelands management in Kenya and Zambia

N4J has also signed an MoU with the Government of Kenya to facilitate NbS investments in support of Kenya’s 15-Billion Tree Campaign.

Our Approach

Partnering for Impact. We connect diverse partners—from small-scale farmers and local community groups to NGOs, investors, project implementers, traditional and municipal leaders, and national governments. We see collaboration as key to both scaling impact and de-risking complex projects.

Centering Climate Justice. Our projects deploy nature-based solutions, but our mission, at its core, is climate justice. Across every project, we look to deliver value and build resilience for communities disproportionately affected by climate change.

Aggregate, Consolidate, Co-Create. Co-creation enables us to aggregate, connect, and substantively engage small-scale farmers, landowners, and local partners, while simultaneously identifying and addressing any identified skill gaps. Through this engagement, we de-risk and prepare investment-ready projects for positive, lasting change.

Maximizing Benefits: From Biodiversity to Carbon Sequestration. We take a holistic approach to climate change, biodiversity, and the resilience and profitability of smallholder enterprises, to ensure our projects contribute to enduring ecological health and community well-being.

Government Collaboration. We see strategic collaboration with national and sub-national governments as critical to delivering large-scale environmental restoration / rural economic development projects. Government partnerships ensure strong project alignment with national priorities, expediting progress and enabling far-reaching impact.

The Team