Indigenous-Led Conservation in Canada

Indigenous communities will be critical partners in realizing Canada’s ambitious conservation, climate, and biodiversity goals. Already, Indigenous governments have proposed over 100 Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) across the country.

These efforts benefit both people and nature. But long-term success demands new avenues for sustainable finance. Carbon projects deploying nature-based solutions can unlock long-term funding for Indigenous-led conservation land management.

What We Do

In Canada, N4J focuses on Indigenous-led conservation and unlocking finance for IPCA development. Drawing on our deep networks with Indigenous communities across the country, we work to:

  • Convene key partners—including Indigenous communities, conservation/climate organizations, the private sector, and government—to mobilize funding and action for Indigenous-led conservation, NbS, and carbon projects.
  • Identify and foster Indigenous-led carbon projects and NbS that support the prosperity of Indigenous communities and advance global climate goals.
  • Build on and contribute to the available knowledge basket—creating new tools, research, and guidance—for Indigenous-led conservation, NbS, and carbon projects.

The First 30x30 Initiative: Creating a Pan-Canadian Network of Indigenous-Led Carbon Projects

N4J is partnering with Nature Focus Development (NFD) to launch a new Canada-wide program to support Indigenous-led conservation:

  • Together we will identify, screen, launch, and support a network of Indigenous-led carbon projects, matching on-the-ground project teams with the finance and technical resources they need for long-term project implementation.

By mobilizing early-stage finance for project incubation, engaging in co-creation, providing ongoing technical assistance, and ensuring fairness and social value in benefit-sharing agreements, we look to address key barriers to entry that otherwise limit the participation of Indigenous communities in emerging markets for carbon and NbS.

The Team