Nature for Justice

Because people and nature can’t wait

The Opportunity

The climate crisis is disrupting livelihoods, supply chains, food security, and the health and welfare of over a billion people, particularly in frontline communities.

These same communities can be key partners in addressing climate change and restoring nature. However, too often, conservation and carbon projects ask community partners to shoulder significant risk for an inadequate and inequitable share of the project’s financial returns.

In 2020, we founded Nature For Justice to harness nature-based solutions and carbon markets for climate justice — creating projects that treat communities as true partners and create long-term value for both people and nature.

Our Mission

We harness nature-based solutions (NbS) to benefit frontline communities confronting the climate crisis. In every project, we seek to ensure fairness to communities, financial viability and sustainability, and a focus on long-term benefits for people and nature.

What We Do

  • Advance climate resilience, in partnership with local communities
  • Mobilize blended finance for high-impact, community-driven NbS projects
  • Originate and co-create NbS and carbon projects that channel long-term, sustainable finance to frontline communities

Our Approach

Partner for Impact


To scale our impact and de-risk complex projects, we bridge the gap between investors, communities, and technical partners. Together, we co-create projects that incorporate NbS best practice, are financially sustainable, and reflect community realities and aspirations.

Engage Local Partners with Established Trust Networks

To build trust and expand our reach, we work through networks of local partner organizations who have demonstrated, existing trust relationships with target communities. With these partners—and guided by performance-based contracts—we execute concrete plans that ensure accountability, reward results, and build long-term capacity.

Focus on Climate Justice

Across every N4J project, we focus on fairness, transparency, and ensuring participating communities receive a significant share of a project’s financial and non-monetary benefits.

Ecosystem Services for Resilience

Our projects look to restore, conserve, and protect ecosystem services as a key step toward greater resilience. Carbon financing is one key tool to get us there.

Braid Western Science with Traditional Knowledge Systems

In the contexts in which we work, success demands that a project is informed by best practice in conservation and climate science; backed by quality, actionable data; and informed and shaped by Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Indigenous Ways of Knowing. We bring these different knowledge systems into constructive conversation to shape projects that last.

Invest in the Leadership and Capacity of Local Partners

We see local ownership and capacity as key to a project’s long-term impact, legitimacy, and success.