Nature For Justice and N4J Catalyst

Why two entities?

In pursuit of its mission, N4J founded a sister company N4J Catalyst, a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, for three reasons:

1) Develop early-stage relationships and potential N4J projects before committing the resources of the non-profit;
2) Generate unrestricted funds for N4J to explore new opportunities and to support projects without donor involvement; and
3) Reduce the overhead of N4J by having Catalyst share equitably in these expenses.

This new company enables us to better focus on N4J’s mission to identify and co-create nature-based solution projects that advance climate justice impact.

Through Catalyst, we can field the many inquiries we get from companies and foundations, and assist them to support and align with the mission of Nature For Justice.

N4J is the largest single shareholder in the Public Benefit Corporation. The other minority shareholders, at this point, are the three Nature For Justice founders.


Sample N4J Catalyst projects include:

1) Helping a donor identify impact investors for small and growing agricultural businesses in Ghana;
2) Advising a company foundation’s leadership on program development in Papua New Guinea; and
3) Assisting a company with sourcing critical materials for its supply chain in Peru.

For more information about N4J Catalyst, please contact one of the founders (Hank Cauley, Frank Hicks, or Kevin Bryan) or Flynn Bucy through LinkedIn.