Making It Possible

Strong, local and regional partnerships are key to sustained impact, at scale. We are building a global network of like-minded organizations and companies to invest in nature-based solutions for climate justice.

Nature For Justice's approach to collaboration:

  • Identify and support various types of partner relationships
  • Increase and accelerate our impact
  • Build on and leverage local expertise to create meaningful, sustained impact on the ground

We work with three types of partners:

We believe that professionally managed national, or sub-national, conservation and rural development organizations will always have a better understanding of the local context and community dynamics than external organizations. We’re also confident that, with the right support, such organizations will be more cost-effective than international organizations in supporting small-scale producers and community partners. We are convinced that lasting results are best achieved by working with these partners.
These organizations enable us to have a larger presence, provide key contacts and relationships in places where we have gaps, and contribute specialized technical services and expertise to meet critical needs across our program portfolio.
Partner companies and funders are committed to our mission to advance climate justice and nature-based solutions. Nature For Justice works with a mix of philanthropic partners, as well as partners interested in the purchase of high-integrity carbon credits.

If you’re interested in partnering with Nature For Justice,

please contact us about partnership opportunities


SYMBA is building an end-to-end ecosystem for the trading and management of environmental assets. Taking a data-driven, blockchain-based approach, SYMBA utilizes high-integrity credits, environmental expertise, and cutting-edge technology to power environmental initiatives.
(New York, NY)


Cultivo's mission is to unlock investment to restore nature at scale. We do this by showing how investing in natural capital can generate healthy financial returns that are good for nature and society.
(Pleasanton, CA)

To people who believe we need to positively impact climate change now and not tomorrow, Nature Focus Development is the innovative collaborative that engages best in class science based partners to better meet the needs of indigenous & local communities, global corporate partners, and individuals to immediately reduce climate impacts.
(Sheridan, WY)


Ducks Unlimited Canada is a Canadian non-profit organization that works to conserve, restore and manage Canadian wetlands in order to preserve habitat for North American waterfowl, wildlife and people.
(Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada)

Ostrom Climate is one of North America’s leading providers of carbon management solutions. Our team bridges the gap between commitment and action for individuals and organizations rising to the global challenge of climate change. (Vancouver, Canada)

Fundación Aliados enables farmers and communities to build resilient businesses that conserve biodiversity in the Andes and Amazon tropical ecosystems.
(Quito, Ecuador)


Planet Women's mission is to partner with women to create a healthy planet for all life. We combine the best elements of conservation with a radical new approach to leadership and culture for a stronger, more inclusive environmental movement.
(San Francisco, CA)

The Asia Carbon Institute (ACI) was established in 2022 in Asia as a voluntary carbon credit standard organisation and registry. The organisational form of an independent non-profit organisation was chosen to allow the organisation to be truly independent. Its objective is non-profit driven and guided by the belief that future human development can only be sustainable if GHG emissions are significantly reduced. Government regulation without financial, market-driven incentives is unlikely to be very effective in reducing sufficient GHG emissions to meet the Paris Agreement goals. For a successful market to develop, a framework with fully transparent standards is needed. These standards help to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy by creating creditable, transparent, and high-quality carbon credits.
(Singapore, SG)