JOB: Nature For Justice

Regional Resource Hub (RRH) Manager

Position:                Regional Resource Hub (RRH) Manager

Reports to:            ICRNet Program Director/Shared Service Hub Manager

Duration:               2 Years            

Location:               Central North Carolina, USA

Compensation:     $60,000-$80,000

Last update:          August 2022

Nature For Justice (N4J) is a non-profit organization established to use nature to address the social justice needs of vulnerable populations confronting the climate crisis around the world.  Our programs empower marginalized stakeholders to build climate-smart agriculture and nature-based solutions.  Nature For Justice is developing leadership teams in various areas to tackle ecological problems more holistically.  N4J Programs are steadfast in improving social inclusion, economic development, and partner capacity.  N4J is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

I.   ICRNet Program Background

N4J’s cornerstone US program is the Inclusive Climate Resource Network (ICRNet) focusing on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Farmers in the southeastern states.  ICRNet provides inclusive access to climate resources to help mitigate the potential impacts of unpredictable changes in the regional climate.  The ICRNet will work with BIPOC Farmers and local trusted partner organizations to co-create interconnected regional resource hubs that provide access to resources that they have historically been missing.  A successful creation of this hub in central North Carolina is characterized by the number of farmers that increase their climate resilience through the mechanisms of the ICRNet and its partner organizations.

This link describes the ICRNet Program and its approach further:

II.   Summary of Position

The Regional Resource Hub (RRH) Manager is responsible for the success of the ICRNet Regional Resource Hub in their geographic area, in this case the Central NC Hub. The RRH Manager will lead stakeholder engagement processes including provision of operational and technical support, financial acquisition, and information consolidation and dissemination to local trusted partners in central NC. S/he will provide supervisory support to the Regional Resource Hub and provide access to these external services to each of the hubs that have been acquired locally or through the Shared Service Hub.


The Regional Resource Hub is responsible for engagement with local trusted partners. These could be local NGOs, businesses, farmer collectives, or COGs at the state or local level.  The RRH Manager will be responsible for the coordination, consolidation, and dissemination of financial, technical, educational, political, and market resources to the trusted partners and relevant stakeholders in the central NC regional hub.  The RRH Manager will also be responsible for growing the reach of the central NC Regional Resource Hub by creating and maintaining new relationships with trusted partners, farmer collectives, government organizations, and other relevant stakeholders.  The RRH Manager will ensure that all activities and projects of the Regional Resource Hub are consistent with Nature For Justice’s mission and values.


At the state and local level, the Regional Resource Hub Manager represents Nature For Justice to relevant stakeholders. The RRH Manager will liaise with universities, governments, NGOs and farmers who have an interest in improving access to BIPOC farmers to climate solutions. The RRH Manager will actively participate in seminars, networking events, and other relevant local events to position Nature For Justice as a leader in Climate-Smart Agriculture and Social Justice programs in central North Carolina.


  • Alongside the Outreach Coordinator, the RRH Manager establishes performance metrics which support sustained delivery in line with beneficiaries’ and stakeholders’ needs and broader organizational strategies and mandates; creates new process, approaches which accelerate delivery of the program’s intended services.
  • Establishes quality standards that ensure substantive deliverables from their respective Regional Resource Hub are consistent and uphold Nature For Justice’s reputation; turns new concepts/approaches into functional reality through creation of metrics and standards that enable program/service delivery. Ensure program/service delivery to local trusted partners in line with the values of Nature For Justice and the ICRNet Program’s goals.

Essential Job Functions:

  • The Regional Resource Hub Manager is responsible for delivering all projects and interventions implemented in their Regional Resource Hub and overseeing relationships with stakeholders in their geographic region. As such the RRH Manager is accountable for:
    • Participation in the development of innovative and evidence-based strategies to grow their Regional Resource Hub by leveraging financing and information from external sources to develop projects with local trusted partners to better serve the target stakeholders
    • Ensure implementation of the ICRNet strategy at the hub level in collaboration with the Shared Service Hub Manager and Outreach Coordinators.
  • Develop productive, solution-oriented projects with key stakeholders and identify ways and methods of capturing their feedback into the program design
  • Responsible for coordinating and compiling proposals and reports at the hub level before they are sent to the Shared Service Hub Manager and then the Program Director
  • Produce technically sound and context specific proposals and strategies based on the information collected from local trusted partners and target stakeholders
  • Ensure there is regular consultation meetings between local trusted partners on proposed approaches, work plans, targets, budgets, spending plans and output trackers
  • Facilitate and promote the smooth flow of information between local trusted partners and target stakeholders
  • Ensure appropriate technical support is provided to trusted partners and target stakeholders via technical experts
  • Responsible for overseeing of support services (Logistics, Finance and Human Resources) and ensuring they are available to each local trusted partner
  • Ensure compliance and adherence to Nature For Justice’s financial, logistics and HR procedures
  • EnLiaise with government authorities at state and local level to ensure compliance with regulatory standards
  • Ensure Nature For Justice is appropriately represented at trade meetings in central North Carolina and coordinate strategic partnerships at the state and local level
  • Conduct capacity analysis and provide continuous technical and organizational support and capacity building to trusted partners

Working Conditions, Travel and Environment

  • Alongside the Outreach Coordinator, the RRH Manager establishes performance metrics which support sustained delivery in line with beneficiaries’ and stakeholders’ needs and broader organizational strategies and mandates; creates new process, approaches which accelerate delivery of the program’s intended services.
  • The duties of the job require diligence at least five days per week. Must be available to work outside normal office hours or on the weekends as required.
  • Must be able to travel as required to locations throughout the geographic scope of the Regional Resource Hub to support new operations.
  • All Nature For Justice employees are required to engage with and follow the performance management procedures in place.

Gender Equality Commitments:

  • Fostering environment that supports values of women and men’s equal access to information.
  • Provides an environment where women and men must be promoted based on the performance objectives.
  • Respect for beneficiaries, women, men, children (boys & girls) regardless of gender, sex, disability, religion, etc.
  • Value and respect for all cultures.

Required Academic Qualifications and Professional Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Development, Natural Resource Management, Social Service, or any other related field
  • Master’s degree in any of the above disciplines is preferred

Required Skills, Competencies & Attributes:

  • A local or longtime resident of Central North Carolina who is familiar with the agricultural landscape in the area
  • Extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, mobilization, and participatory methods.
  • Good budgeting and financial management skills
  • Good anticipation, planning skills, especially in changing work contexts.
  • Good communicator: verbal and written
  • Highly organized, detail oriented and able to work under pressure
  • Good supervisory, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in managing integrated programs in development and social justice contexts
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